Anti-Bullying week at the Boys and Girls Club is February 22nd to February 27th

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"I'm being bullied" - a phrase that no parent wants to hear, but the reality is that bullying has become an ever-growing concern among those working with or raising school-aged children. Up to 75% of people say that they've been affected by bullying, and most people have been involved in a bullying situation, either as a bully, a victim or a bystander. 

Here at the Boys and Girls Club of Durham, our leaders keep an eye out for bullying situations and address them as soon as they arise. We have a Zero-Tolerance policy for bullying. We also run a year-round anti-bullying program where children in program learn about self-esteem, what to do when faced with a bully , how to be an "upstander", what to do if you are a bully and so much more!

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This week we are taking even more steps to help combat bullying in our community.

Why should you care?

Many people feel that behaviours that could fall under the scope of "bullying" are harmless or just kids being kids - but research shows that bullying can have lasting negative affect on the victim and the bully

Children who are bullied are at a higher risk for:

Children who bully other children are at a higher risk for: 

Social Anxiety
Loneliness and Isolation
Poor Health (headaches, stomach aches, etc.)
Low Self-Esteem
Absenteeism from School - which can lead to academic problems
Aggressive Behaviour
Contemplating, Attempting or Committing Suicide
Not knowing the Difference Between Right and Wrong
Substance Use
Academic Problems (including school drop out)
Adult Criminality
Difficulties in their Relationships with Others
Being Bullied by Others

How can you help?

Start by educating yourself, know what to expect and how to react before the situation arises and help your children to do the same.

What is bullying?

What do I do when I'm being bullied?

What do I do when I see someone else being bullied?

What do I do if I'm a bully?

What can I do as an adult to combat bullying? 

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